Thyroid Balance

The thyroid is one of the most amazing and most complex glands in the body. It is largely responsible for our metabolic health and deeply connected with our adrenal gland function, our sex hormone balance, basal body temperature, brain function and our weight.  Hypothyroidism has become so common, some doctors are referring to it as an epidemic. This could be for various reasons such our diet and lifestyle, the toxins in our soil and environment and stress.  More and more North Americans are being diagnosed with thyroid disease and put on thyroid medication to help correct thyroid hormone imbalances. Many people continue to experience symptoms even while on thyroid medication and there are many possible reasons for this. As well, many people experience symptoms of thyroid imbalances such as constipation or diarrhea, hair loss, lack of energy or anxious energy, cold hands and feet, brain fog, infertility, low body temperature, increased sugar cravings and inability to lose weight.

Dr. Sarah is one of the few Naturopathic doctors in the Bay Area who is certified to use the WT3 protocol for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome which presents with many of the same symptoms as hypothyroidism. Whether you have been diagnosed with hypo or hyperthyroidism, Hashimotos, goiter or thyroid nodules- balancing your thyroid, adrenal and cardiovascular function is key. She will work with you to help balance your thyroid hormones, bring up your basal body temperature and improve your metabolic health through herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and various combinations of thyroid hormones. The protocols, types and combinations of herbs and thyroid hormones are tailored to specifically fit your whole health picture to help you achieve the right balance for you.