Homeopathy is a school of medicine that has been used in Europe and India for over 200 years. It involves using energetic medicines to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself.  Homeopathic remedies are pure medicinal agents obtained from plants, metals, minerals and other natural organic sources. They are minute doses so rarely have any addictive properties or side effects and they are super easy to take.  This makes them a great option for children, pregnancy and any acute or chronic disease.

When the body is stuck or blocked, homeopathic remedies help give it a little push to heal.  With homeopathy we address the whole person and the root cause of imbalances.  Homeopathic medicine is really about treating the individual, respecting each person as unique even if they are experiencing a common illness.  For example, 30 people may all be suffering from anxiety but they will each be given a different remedy based on their entire health picture.

The emphasis is placed on how you experience illness.