Herbal Medicine

The medicinal value of plants has been known since ancient times, and in fact many of today’s most commonly used pharmaceuticals are derived from traditional medicinal herbs. Naturopathic doctors use botanical medicines in many forms for a wide array of health concerns.  The beauty, efficacy and intelligence of herbs as medicine goes beyond words.

At Pacifica Naturopathic Medicine we prescribe medicinal herbs as teas, tinctures, poultices, capsules, powders, steams, and topical applications to help heal disease and promote optimal health. We use both fresh and dried plants and plant extracts and have a wide variety of herbs in many forms in the clinic dispensary. The herbs and herbal products at Pacifica Natruopathic Medicine all come from certified organic farms and locally whenever possible.  Aside from dispensing herbs from the clinic, we offer ideas, recipes and education around incorporating medicinal plants into daily living.