Bio-therapeutic Drainage

What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Bio-therapeutic Drainage is a form of gentle detoxification.  It is a process of cleansing the body by opening up the “emunctories” which are like elimination pathways. Biotherapeutic drainage is about discharging the toxic accumulations from the extracellular matrix to recreate a cellular homeodynamic state. In other words, it acts to shake up our cells and get rid of the extracellular garbage on physical, environmental, emotional and energetic levels. It is a cleansing process to enable our body to self regulate optimally. The goal behind Bio-therapeutic drainage is to help the body reach a constant state of balance.

Benefits of Drainage:

–      restores physiology at a cellular level

–      facilitates cellular toxin elimination

–      opens the emunctories (elimination pathways) and facilitates discharge

–      does not purge or force the body to eliminate beyond physiological limits

–      technique used to enhance other therapies

–      never contraindicated with other therapies

–      takes emotional and energetic toxins as well as physical and environmental toxins into account